Scurati and the Mangiapane Cave

Mangiapane Cave

It was inhabited by humans since the Upper Paleolithic and it’s one of the most important caves in the territory of Trapani.
Located in Scurati, at an altitude of approximately 60  meters above sea level, about 70 meters high and 50 meters deep, it houses a small and delightful rural village, inhabited until the early 1950s by the Mangiapane family, from whom it takes its name.

The cave, in addition to its great suggestion, has always been the subject of studies and research: Dalla Rosa in 1870, Vaufrey in 1925, and more recently Sebastiano Tusa, found numerous prehistoric finds (such as animal teeth and bones, worked flints, osidian…) now exhibited in different Italian and foreign museums.

In recent years the cave has become the natural location of the Living Crib (during Christmas time) and the Living Museum (during summer time), two crowded and evocative events where old craftsmen and peasants bring back to life ancient customs and crafts.