Cofano Mount Nature Reserve - Custonaci

Cofano Mount Nature Reserve

It protects the suggestive promontory of Cofano Mount which, pointed like a little mount Cervino (Matterhorn), stands out over the sea between the Gulfs of Bonagia and Makari, hosting about 651 varieties which, in turn, belong to 83 vegetation species.

Here the meadows of ampelodesma (a typical Mediterranean plant) and the palmetto scrubland still preserve, in fact, a few strips of holm hoaks (Quercus ilex), as well as several endemic species among which the Brassica drepanensis, the Euphorbia bivonae, the Hieracium cophanense and the Delphinium emarginatum, which define conditions of great naturalistic value, especially in spring when wild orchids blooming can be seen.

As regards the fauna visitors can observe various species of birds, such as peregrine falcons, kestrels, buzzards, ravens, wild pigeons, as well as common gulls.