The Celebration of San Vito
The city devotes solemn celebrations to its titular saint from the 13th to the 15th of June. The entire population participates in this religious moment  with great devotion as do the San Vito Lo Capo fishermen. Diverse events take place; choral, musical and sporting, parades, exhibitions and a suggestive historical re-enactment of the “landing” of […]
The Sanctuary - San Vito Lo Capo
The sanctuary-fortress of San Vito Lo Capo was built in the 15th century almost certainly to protect pilgrims from pirates, incorporating the body of an existing church dating back to the 14th century. Restoration works in 2003 revealed the church’s original east-west orientation as well as a hypogeum with two wells, of probable religious function. Today’s […]
St. Crescentia’s Chapel
The charming small square building with its peculiar dome with pointed arches is an original piece of typical local architecture of the late 15th  early 16th centuries, with Arabic, Norman and Gothic influences. Characteristic is the solution used to  support the corners of the dome with fan-shaped pendentives. An old popular belief has it that […]
Isulidda Tower
The Isulidda watchtower is one of those included in the circuit designed in 1583 by the Florentine architect Camillo Camilliani, who was given the task of creating a defense system against pirates who infested the Mediterranean causing massacres, looting and destruction. Like all other towers by Camilliani, it has a square  base and a strong embankment to […]
“The most beautiful beach in Italy” is dominated and protected by the Monaco Mount to the east and by the Egitarso plain to the west. Symbol of relax and holiday, it is surely one of the most beautiful and loved seaside destinations in Italy, above all for its extraordinary beauty: the incomparable colours in which […]
The Secco Tonnara
The Tonnara on dry ground, now disused, was a facility needed to support the Tonnara (system of boats and nets) at sea for the fishing of tuna. The ‘Tonnara del Secco’ had warehouses for storing nets, shelters for boats and cottages for the accommodation of crews, as well as a plant for processing tuna. The […]
Sciere Tower
The ‘Torre dell’Usciere’ (ie. usher’s tower) or simply Scieri, along with the other two called Mpisu and Isulidda, was part of the coastal towers designed in 1583 by Florence-born architect Camillo Camilliani. He was given the task of creating a system of towers to defend Sicily against pirates who infested the Mediterranean. Like all other […]
St. Elizabeth beaches
Those who want to discover isolated beaches, away from the crowds, between Castelluzzo and Makari will find a series of coves and bays called Baia Santa Margherita (St. Margareth Bay). The numerous pebble coves along the coast, such as Calazza, ‘a Chianca, Scaru Brucia and Santa Margherita, are linked in summer by a small wheeled […]
Mpisu Tower
The Tower of ‘Mpisu (or Impisu, ie the hanged man) (original name: Jazzolino), along with the other coastal towers in the San Vito area, was built in 1583 by Florentine architect Camillo Camilliani, commissioned by the then Viceroy to organize the island’s coastal defenses against pirate raids: it has a a square base and a […]
Uzzo Cave
Located inside the Zingaro Nature Reserve, it is one of the most important Prehistoric sites in Sicily. Its stratification has enabled us to get to know the evolution of man over the last 10.000 years. The community that lived in it was composed of a small group of local hunters, and the cave had to […]