The sculptural groups of the Mysteries

The sculptural groups of the “Misteri (Mysteries)”

On Good Friday, simultaneously to the procession which takes place in Trapani, among the typical alleys of Erice, parades, starting from the church of San Giuliano (St. Julian), a smaller but not less evocative Processione dei Misteri (Procession of the Mysteries), composed of four sculptural groups, carried on the shoulders and depicting: Jesus in the garden, The Flagellation, The crowning with thorns, The ascent to Calvary, followed by simulacra of: Jesus in the Tomb and Our Lady of Sorrows.

The sculptural groups, placed on “vare (wooden supports used to transport them)”, were built in the 18th century by artists from Trapani using the same technique of wood, canvas and glue with which the sculptural groups of Trapani were built: face, hands, feet and naked parts have been carved in the wood and fixed on an internal wooden structure made of wooden planks and cork; the clothes are made of canvas soaked with glue and gesso, then applied and modelled on the wood. From the beginning they were entrusted to the craft guilds