Church of St. Ursula

Church of St. Ursula (or Our Lady of Sorrows)

It is undoubtedly the most original church in Erice thanks to the presence of Gothic and Renaissance elements inside of it.

Its original core dates back to 1413, by the priest Michele Lombardo; in 1450 it was expanded with a second aisle, dedicated to Santa Maria di Gesù (St. Mary of Jesus).
In 1451 was added the chapel of the Confraternity of St. Ursula, made up of Brothers who used to whip themselves.

It features a very simple facade with a portal of the 14th century and a small belfry.
The oldest nave, which runs along the entrance, is covered by cross ribbed vaults resting on cross pillars, the other one by a barrel vault.
The two naves are separated by pointed and round (at the center) arches. At the end of the left aisle, stands a Renaissance chapel with the dome resting on corner niches of Arab origin; it is accessed through an arch of Plateresque style, decorated in the intrados with floral motifs and diamond ashlars of an evident Plateresque style; over the altar there is a marble statue depicting  the Madonna con Bambino (Virgin with Child, 15th-16th centuries), an early work by Antonello Gagini, with delicate features and smooth shapes.