It is a large green lung in the municipalities of Valderice, extended just over 19 hectares, with numerous equipped areas, a children’s play area, boules courts, tables, benches, fountains and toilets, such as to allow visitors to take a rest and to enjoy the landscape, immersed in the rich Mediterranean scrubland, the piles of stones […]
It’s one of the most beautiful examples of modern architecture in this area. Started in 1986 and inaugurated in 1993, San Barnaba Theater was built in the flank of ancient quarries located at San Barnaba, inside the “Pineta Comunale” (public pine grove). It is formed of large concentric steps and can contain up to 1000 seats. […]
The structure of the former tunnery, one of the most interesting from an architectural point of view , now converted into a tourist complex, is probably of Norman origins: its existence, with its adjacent tower was documented in the early 16th century. Owned by the royal court that granted its sale to  citizens in 1639, […]
The Knight’s arch
Along the road that once led from Erice to Custonaci in the former trazzera of knight Rizzuto or ‘road of the Knight’, near an ancient drinking trough, lie the disheveled remains of a chapel which was used to house the painting of ‘Our Lady of Custonaci’ (sec . XVI ), during its transportation from Custonaci […]
Molino Excelsior
It is a significant record of industrial archeology, interesting for both its machinery which still exists within and its early 20th century architectural structure with decorative motifs of the Art Nouveau style. The façade with simple lines, broken only by the series of arched windows, is enhanced by an arched pediment containing the sign ‘Molino […]
Sanctuary ‘Our Lady of Mercy’
A pilgrimage site since the 17th century, it stands on the site of a shrine which contained the miraculous image of the Virgin Mary. Its construction began in 1640 and lasted until 1769 when the abbot Francesco Stacca completed work on the church, employing the skills of Giovanni Biagio Amico, architect , and Domenico La […]
As already for the whole of the north-western coast between the Egadi islands and Palermo, also the base of the northern side of Erice is characterized by the presence of numerous caves and shelters already frequented since the Paleolithic age (such as San Francesco, Maltese and Polifemo Shelters). In particular, in recent excavations carried out […]
Erice DOC Wines
Obtained from vineyards located between 200 and 650 m. on the sea level scattered in the so-called ‘agro ericino’ (the hilly area at the foot of Mount Erice), these wines owe their organoleptic qualities to the soil and climatic conditions of the area, a rare combination of altitude and proximity to the sea. Inzolia, Catarratto, […]