Church of St. Martin
The original church of St. Martin, of small size, was probably founded by count Ruggero (Roger) the Norman and renovated during the Gothic period; rebuilt and enlarged in 1682, it was further refurbished in the 18th century and decorated with stuccoes and frescoes by the Manno brothers. The church, for its historical, artistic and religious […]
Main Church (Duomo) an bell tower
The Main Church (Duomo) was built, in the early 13th century (approximately 1314) on a pre-existing chapel dedicated to Vergine Assunta (Our Lady of the Assumption), by Frederic III of Aragon who resided in Erice for a short period, during the Vespers War. After several restorations, additions and modifications over the centuries, it was radically […]
San Giuliano beach
The northern coastline, which stretches for over 4 kilometers from Trapani to Erice in an area called “San Giuliano (St. Julian)”, is characterized by a sequence of long sandy beaches alternated with short rocky stretches, crowded in summer with tourists and provided with beach resorts.
Tonnara of San Giuliano and Punta Tipa beach
The tuna trap of “San Giuliano Palazzo”, closed in 1961, was probably the first tuna trap in Western Sicily. Today crumbling, it saw its first nucleus in the construction of a watchtower and a huge quadrangular wall to defend itself against the frequent pirates attacks. Here is situated a small beach which, especially in August, […]
On the mountain of Erice there are equipped areas with panoramic views: Martogna, approximately 2 Kilometers from Trapani, surrounded by Mediterranean pine, eucalyptus and oak trees, is equipped with wooden benches and tables, a playground, fountains, toilet service, a faunal area and an artificial pond with different animal species (including birds). The landscape of San […]
The Castel
The architectural structure visible today dates back to the 12th century; it was built using materials of an existing Roman sacred place, dedicated to Venus, and adapting it to the shape of the crag. Inside of it resided the representatives of the royal authority: the “bajolo” (a civil judge and tax collector), the captain of […]
City walls Erice
The ancient walls, made of limestone, were originally built on the north-eastern side in the 8th century b. C. by the Elymians, a population of uncertain origin; later, in the 6th century b.C., they were reinforced by the Carthaginians and, after reconstructions in the Roman age, completed by the Normans. The remains stretch along a […]
Tonnara of San Cusumano
Today the Tonnara (tunny-fishing factory) of San Cusumano is an industrial complex in the canning industry (for tuna fish production), which replaced at the beginning  of the twentieth century the crumbling tonnara (tunny-fishing factory) of San Giuliano, where the entrepreneur Nino Castiglione placed side by side fishing activity to storage and distribution of the product, thus creating […]
Torre di San Giovanni
Designed by Camillo Camiliani and built in 1595, St. John’s Tower is situated in a strategic location on the slopes of Mount Cofano. It was part of the system of watchtowers positioned to defend the coast of Sicily. In the 16th century, on behalf of the Spanish government architects Spannocchi and Camilliani planned a sophisticated […]