Petrosilene coast

The Petrosileno coast, of singular beauty, has a considerable appeal in summer, and numerous seasonal settlements gravitate to it.

The beach of Torazza, with its wide and suggestive inlet and clear waters of the crystalline sea, is ideal for periods of stay in all seasons of the year thanks to the healthy air and mild climate.
The splendid sea lends itself to pleasant sailing excursions, while the abundance of fish is an invitation for lovers of coastal and boat fishing.

On the Biscione coast there are many diving opportunities, with descents from 10 to 60 metres.

In the sea populated by various types of fish it is also possible to admire dolphins, or loggerhead turtles laying their eggs on the beach.
Volleyball tournaments, bowls, men’s and women’s five-a-side football, beach tennis, beach volleyball enliven the summer.