Towers and tunny-fishing factories routes


Towers and tunny-fishing factories routes

It’s a landscape and coastal itinerary to be followed as an adventure, a photographic tour in pursuit of unique views, among monuments to the work and strength.
If you’re looking for abandoned “tonnare”, although the life and work of entire generations can never be heard, you’ll be able to listen to the rustle of the wind accompanying your curious gaze, through evocative strips of old walls, plays of light and old industrial techniques, to the discovery of corroded tools of the past.
Whereas, in the few “tonnare” remaining, today turned into factories or hotels, you can seek their old form. Instead, the many ancient towers will pave the way, because it’s good to remember that there will always be one that observes you from afar and everywhere.

Today, these monuments to the strength, these communication, defence and sighting towers suffer fatigue of time: medieval or seventeenth century structures, they are almost always located on steep slopes, or even unreachable: on the top of spurs of rock, high, very high on crests difficult to reach.
Today, those which can be reached are always ruins, timeless and without a future, abandoned because of the carelessness of man by a distracted society, but sublime to the gaze, immersed in the blue of the sea, in the grey of the rocks, in the brown of the soils, in the green and in all the colours of a still friendly nature.


  • tonnara punta tipa

    Tonnara of San Giuliano (the Tuna Trap of St. Julian) and Punta Tipa beach

    The tuna trap of “San Giuliano Palazzo”, closed in 1961, was probably the first tuna trap in Western Sicily....

  • Torre di Ligny 1

    Ligny Tower

    The tower is set on the westernmost tip of the city on the rocks that form the continuation of...

  • colombaia1

    The Dovecote

    According to tradition, the Sea Castle, commonly known as ‘Colombaia’ (Dovecote), was built by Hamilcar Barca on a small...

  • Torre e Tonnara di Bonagia

    Tower and tunnery of Bonagia

    The structure of the former tunnery, one of the most interesting from an architectural point of view , now...

  • Torre Mpisu San vito lo Capo

    Mpisu Tower

    The Tower of ‘Mpisu (or Impisu, ie the hanged man) (original name: Jazzolino), along with the other coastal towers...

  • Tonnara del Secco

    The ‘Secco’ Tonnara

    The Tonnara on dry ground, now disused , was a facility needed to support the Tonnara (system of boats...

  • torre Mpisu2

    Sciere Tower

    The ‘Torre dell’Usciere’ (ie. usher’s tower) or simply Scieri, along with the other two called Mpisu and Isulidda, was...

  • Isulidda

    Isulidda Tower

    The Isulidda watchtower is one of those included in the circuit designed in 1583 by the Florentine architect Camillo...

  • tonnara san cusumano2

    Tonnara (tunny-fishing factory) of San Cusumano

    Today the Tonnara (tunny-fishing factory) of San Cusumano is an industrial complex in the canning industry (for tuna fish...

  • Torre di cofano

    Tonnara and Cofano tower

    Situated in a natural setting of extraordinary beauty opposite the rock of the ‘Scialandro’ and close to ‘Cape of...

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