San Vito lo Capo



A “Land of sky and sea “, “shining jewel” due to its light and colours, “a destination of dreaming and longing” pristine sea, untouched nature, “impalpable sand”, a rival to the most famous of the South Sea paradises… Many more definitions could describe  this enchanting town, stretched out and enclosed in a bay on the northwest coast of Sicily between the ‘Zingaro’ and the ‘Mount Cofano’ nature reserves in one of the most evocative areas of Sicily and the Mediterranean.

In this charming town sea and sun are the protagonists, associated with history, nature and monuments, but also with the sincere hospitality of the inhabitants and its rich and imaginative culinary traditions.

Set in a landscape dotted with tall rocks , beaches and pointed cliffs , caves, old country houses and towers, San Vito welcomes us with the beautiful coastline of Makari and imposing Mount Monaco with its quaint peak, which depending on where you look from, seems to have the form of a praying monk (hence the name) or a running dog.

Reaching the top of the mountain by trail, you can experience the unique and unrepeatable emotion of viewing three gulfs at once; Castellammare, San Vito and Cofano, and on days of great visibility, even the island of Ustica.

Standing out along the coast are the Scieri, Mpisu and Isulidda towers, built in the 16th century to sight the presence of pirates who were ravaging the Mediterranean Sea. In the ‘Secco’ Gulf lies  a disused ‘tonnara’ or tuna processing plant, documented back to 1412 .


  • calamancina1

    Cala Mancina Caves

    The western side of the promontory of San Vito lo Capo keeps, in a suggestive naturalistic context, a complex...

  • Spiaggia San Vito Lo Capo 4

    San Vito lo Capo beach

    “The most beautiful beach in Italy” is dominated and protected by the Monaco Mount to the east and by...

  • RIserva naturale dello zingaro 1

    Zingaro Nature Reserve

    The Zingaro Nature Reserve stretches from Castellammare del Golfo to San Vito Lo Capo. It was established in the...

  • _MG_4636

    S. Elisabetta (St. Elizabeth) beaches

    Those who want to discover isolated beaches, away from the crowds, between Castelluzzo and Makari will find a series...

  • Grotta dell'Uzzo

    Uzzo Cave

    Located inside the Zingaro Nature Reserve, it is one of the most important Prehistoric sites in Sicily. Its stratification...

  • Torre Mpisu San vito lo Capo

    Mpisu Tower

    The Tower of ‘Mpisu (or Impisu, ie the hanged man) (original name: Jazzolino), along with the other coastal towers...

  • Tonnara del Secco

    The ‘Secco’ Tonnara

    The Tonnara on dry ground, now disused , was a facility needed to support the Tonnara (system of boats...

  • torre Mpisu2

    Sciere Tower

    The ‘Torre dell’Usciere’ (ie. usher’s tower) or simply Scieri, along with the other two called Mpisu and Isulidda, was...

  • Isulidda

    Isulidda Tower

    The Isulidda watchtower is one of those included in the circuit designed in 1583 by the Florentine architect Camillo...

  • IMG_0104

    St. Crescentia’s Chapel

    The charming small square building with its peculiar dome with pointed arches is an original piece of typical local...

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