Nature Reserves



The natural attractions of the area allow visitors to experience nature of the western part of Sicily with pleasure, here there is no adventure, risk or danger but on the contrary wellness.

The wellness provided by the shadow which shelters from the sun, by the scent of flowering plants, even rare, which explode in their spring and autumn colours, then burned by the hot summers of Sicily…here nature is a serene pleasure to enjoy with care, through silent paths, solitary climbs, peaceful stops….in which visitors can observe the smallest details of a discreet flora and a far and shy fauna. Moreover, there is the sea and it never leaves you, whether you walk through the tanks of the saltworks, or the steep slopes of Cofano, or the high “trazzere (typical tracks)” of the Zingaro nature reserve, or the coastal routes. And this sea provides not only the backdrop or the scenery, but it gets under your skin and it is itself nature, place for diving, discovery and emotion.

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