Food and wine itinerary



Our itinerary starts at the top of Erice, a charming medieval town, with its castle, the splendid Mother-Church, its paved streets and artisan shops, all of which immerse us in the past, in silence, in peace. The fresh air at this  altitude of nearly 800m refreshes us as we sample prestigious treats from the local traditional confectionery, fruit of wisdom passed down by nuns to a very few fortunate people who continue to honour it. Cakes made with almonds and sugar are an unmissable experience to complete a visit to the town. As well as the unforgettable ‘Genovese’, round sweet crust pastry filled with custard to be consumed strictly hot.

Heading down hill, an obligatory stop-off at Valderice and the small port of Bonagia– with its splendid ‘tonnara’-fortress, reminds us how the sea has always shaped the lives and habits of the locals in such places.

Many restaurants offer excellent local fish and during summer bluefin tuna is served to residents and visitors – a gift from the generous and pristine sea. Continuing on our itinerary we arrive in Trapani, a city that surprises for the richness of its historical centre with its baroque churches and sumptuous buildings but also with – once again – the sea and the beaches right in the city centre, allowing us to take a dip in crystal clear waters without having to leave town.

An obligatory culinary highlight – busiati pasta with ‘Trapanese pesto’: fresh hand drawn pasta topped with the traditional almond, garlic, tomato, basil and olive oil pesto, all strictly local.

We continue on to Custonaci where, after a dutiful visit to the sanctuary, we cannot help but take a walk through the Mount Cofano Nature Reserve- along paths dotted with dwarf palms, admiring the sea breaking against the wild cliffs.

Custonaci is the home of ‘sfincia’, a fried doughnut made from flour and potatoes- an absolute must during the Christmas period, much like a visit to the living nativity scene at the Mangiapane grotto.

The last stop on our itinerary is San Vito Lo Capo, where we are welcomed by a Caribbean beach and clear blue sea, worthy of the most exotic tropical landscapes. After walking along the marvellous bays in the Zingaro Nature Reserve, surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation and a pristine sea, we return to the township for the final palatial experience on our itinerary: fish couscous, a variant of the Arabian dish that is only found in the province of Trapani, whose sea inundates the recipe with local fish broth. And finally, the delicious ‘caldo-freddo’ is hot and cold sundae, a mix of ice cream and warm molten chocolate that will definitely make our trip to this corner of Sicily unforgettable.


  • Spincia

    Prepared for the Christmas holidays, these small sweet doughnuts have flour and potato as their main ingredients. Of Arab...

  • Sale Marino di Trapani 1

    “Sale marino di Trapani IGP” (Protected Geographical Indication sea salt from Trapani)

    Trapani sea salt, compared to others, contains more magnesium, potassium, iodine, flourine, sulphur, calcium and a lower quantity of...

  • Vino Erice

    Erice DOC Wines

    Obtained from vineyards located between 200 and 650 m. on the sea level scattered in the so-called ‘agro ericino’...

  • biscotti di fico

    Fig Biscuits

    Generally made for the Christmas season, these hearty and tasty biscuits are stuffed with dried figs and flavoured with...

  • San Martino’s biscuits

    These dry biscuits scented with anise and cinnamon are to be soaked in Muscat wine. Prepared in honour of...

  • Pizza Rianata

    ‘Rianata’ Pizza

    It owes its name to oregano (rìanu in the Trapani area), one of the key ingredients of this very...

  • olio dop2

    Valli Trapanesi DOP Olive Oil

    Nocellara and cerasuola are native cultivars that give live to an olive oil with very high organoleptic qualities. Green...

  • Tonno Rosso

    Mediterranean Bluefin Tuna

    An exquisite species, it is a regular visitor along the coast of Trapani in the months of May and...

  • Prodotti di Tonnara

    Tuna products

    Tuna processing according to local tradition-  where no part of this generous fish is thrown away, goes back to...

  • Cassatelle pasta in broth

    A local delicacy whose composition has been handed down for generations, these large, home-made, crescent-shaped ravioli are filled with...

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